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by JoleneSopalski on December 29, 2013

In October, Starbucks released a new way to send friends and clients a cup of coffee via twitter: Tweet-A-Coffee. This new Starbucks campaign has taken off!  The campaign earned Starbucks a whopping $180,000 in sales with more than 27,000 fans using the program since October 28th, demonstrating that direct response marketing can work.

How can businesses demonstrate their own success utilizing the Starbucks Tweet-A-Coffee campaign? Is it possible to jump on the Tweet-A-Coffee bandwagon in order to engage with and retain customers? What about improving sales?

JcPenny has taken to this like creamer to coffee! They asked their followers to tweet them a picture of a JcPenny’s receipt and responded by Tweeting-A-Coffee to the sender!

Hijacking Starbucks Tweet-A-Coffee Works!

Businesses can reach out with an unexpected introduction by sending a cup of coffee to prospects! Search hashtags and keywords and then tweet a few cups of coffee! Here are a few examples for your local community:

  • Have a new follower on Twitter, send them a cup of coffee to thank them for following!
  • Share a cup of coffee with local students and teachers “Take a study break and have a coffee on us!”
  • Tweet a cup of coffee to prospects moving to your area or looking for apartments “Here’s a coffee to jumpstart your apartment search this weekend!”
  • Respond to a complaint about a competitor community, “It looks like you’re having a rough day, maybe this coffee will make it better?”

Just take a look at how Monroe Street Market, an apartment community in Washington, DC, encouraged their followers to RT a recent status update for a cup of coffee using Tweet-A-Coffee.

Monroe Market

Businesses can also just share a cup of coffee to someone who is having a bad day, recently accomplished a goal or got a new job at a local business! “Congratulations @_____! Here’s a coffee to celebrate your first day of work at @NewCompanyNameHere!”

The conversation doesn’t end with your generous coffee offering!  Some lucky recipients are sharing pictures of their cup of coffee and tweeting you back!

While the @Tweetacoffee can use some tweaks (like their automated response anytime someone mentions them in a comment) the campaign is a great way for businesses to connect with their fans and potential customers using twitter.

Share a cup of coffee with your fan base on Twitter and share your stories with us!  How will you use Tweet-A-Coffee for your business?

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