How to Use Facebook Photo Reply

by Charity on June 19, 2013

Facebook is in the process of implementing a new feature to comments:
Attach A Photo!

Marketers agree that photos speak louder than words and tell a more powerful story. Visual Social is the theme of 2013!

But before today, it was difficult to share a story with a photo in response to a Facebook comment. We would have to upload the photo to an image sharing website and then share the link within our comments – with our image displaying as the thumbnail.

Well, Facebook has eliminated the unnecessary steps and provided us with an easy-to-use solution!

Attach a Photo and Reply with an Image on Facebook

Simply click the camera icon (“Attach a Photo”) located in the comment thread section and upload your image in your reply! Easy-peasy!

Now our images are uploaded directly to Facebook and are much larger than the link thumbnails. The photos can currently only be uploaded in the desktop interface; however, the images can be viewed on the mobile app.

*Note: If you’re using Chrome, you can even copy and paste an image directly from the clipboard into the comments!*

This will allow comment threads to be a little more engaging and exciting, don’t you think? My only concern is spam.

Check out the process below, as demonstrated on my own Facebook profile:

New Facebook Reply to Comments with Photo Option

*Facebook will be rolling this feature out to brand pages as well.*

This new ‘Reply with Photo’ Facebook feature was developed during a hackathon by Facebook engineers and is being universally rolled out to users today. Perhaps that is why my Facebook account was acting so strangely late yesterday evening?

What do you think of this feature? Will it bring the teens BACK to the platform? Will it help users and brands share their story? Will it create more spam?

UPDATE: (6/19 4pm)

In addition to the new Attach a Photo to the comment replies, pages will be able to upload a new thumbnail to links they share. Check it out:

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