What Should Businesses Be Posting On Facebook?

by Charity on February 8, 2013

I’m in a unique situation. Besides the Socially Engaged Marketing® Facebook page, I also manage multiple other pages. The Share This Status Facebook page is my marketing playground. The purpose of Share This Status is to post share-worthy content so that other businesses will have a resource for content when the creative well runs dry or there isn’t time to be clever.

Every now-and-then, something really cool happens… I get great comments and a good number of likes. But once, after a year of working on the page, I was able to get over 1,200 shares on a post! It came as a shock when the comments and shares started rolling in. I almost fell out of my chair a few times, in disbelief! We only had a little over 350 “likes” on the page so the results were unexpected.

Well, enough about me. Here’s a look at the insights.

What content is share worthy on Facebook?

(click to enlarge)

As you can see above, not one particular insight alone can determine the success of a post. To measure success, you first must have a clear objective. What is your goal for posting that particular update? Is it to expand your reach? To engage your users? To get people “Talking About This?” Or is it virility? I don’t believe one post can have ALL of these qualities.

Your thoughts are welcome below. What kind of content works best for your pages?

What do you think of the content I post on Share This Status? Is it share-worthy? Should I change it up?



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