What are “Mind Ready” Updates and Why Do They Matter?

by Charity on February 28, 2013

Mind-ready Facebook UpdatesHave you ever had someone remember that you posted something on Facebook, but you forgot that you had posted it? Facebook updates and comments – even those that are not funny, unemotional, boring and grammatically incorrect –  are 150% more memorable than text from a book and 250% more memorable than faces!

“Mind-ready” Facebook updates are unedited, unfiltered, spontaneous comments and thoughts shared on social networking sites and are easily remembered by the reader. This is referred to as the “Facebook effect” on memory.

The research from the new study, “Major Memory in Microblogs” performed by the University of California, San Diego and the University of Warwick determined that content written similar to natural speech patterns could be better for educators, textbook authors and advertising campaigns.

The experiment concluded that the type of literature had no bearing on memorability; from dialog to first person narration, and fiction to non-fiction, Facebook updates remained more memorable than any other kind of literature. Mind-ready content is easy to consume, understand, and retain. Perhaps this is why blogs are so popular? They simplify the text, making it conversational rather than literary.

When comparing CNN posts within the study, headlines were more memorable than random sentences, entertainment focused more so than hard-news. But surprisingly, comments made by the readers were remembered most often by study participants.

But why is there a Facebook Effect?

According to the study, social media posts are more memorable due to the word placement, language patterns, and vocabulary used. How we use words to engage others can increase memorability and sway opinions of others. Our brains are hardwired to remember casual and personal text.

What does Mind Ready Content mean for marketing and advertising folks?

Relax in your communication style! In writing and presenting, remember to take a breath and be human. Don’t over-edit the content if you want to make a lasting impression on the reader.

And what about the Facebook Effect for everyone else?

Be careful before posting or commenting,  what you share may not be easily (or quickly) forgotten!

What do YOU think? Do you remember the comments your friends make on Facebook more often than the business updates by pages you follow?

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