Check-in While Checking Out: Using Foursquare for Good

by Charity on August 22, 2011

Staples for Students: Check-in on Foursquare

While I was at Staples this evening with my daughter to pick up a few remaining school supplies, I came across the sign below while checking out.

Staples Donates to Students Using Foursquare

Staples for Students: Check-in on Foursquare

Staples has teamed up with to support Boys & Girls Clubs across America. Check-in on Foursquare and comment “Staples for Students” and Staples will make a donation on your behalf for $1 to the Staples for Students campaign, up to $5,000. The goal is to distribute backpacks filled with school supplies to members in areas affected by this year’s devastating tornadoes and other needy areas.

Staples For Students: Check-in on Foursquare to Donate

Check-in while Checking Out to Donate $1

Of course I took the time to check-in on Foursquare, but not just because I believe in what Staples is doing for school children. This particular campaign is personal to me;  my children attended the local Boys & Girls Club of Canton, Georgia for seven years. We know and love the staff and the children! What better way to show we care but to do what comes naturally to me… share on social networking sites!

How can you use Foursquare to contribute to a charitable cause in your area?

Here are three ideas for using Foursquare during your next charitable community campaign:

  • Check-in and shout “ABC Community supports homeless” and donate $1 for every check-in to a local homeless shelter.
  • Check-in and shout “ABC Community supports latch-key kids” and donate $1 to a local after school program for every check-in.
  • Check-in and shout “ABC Property Management Group supports Alex’s Lemonade Stand” and donate $1 to help fund cancer-related research and travel for families of cancer patients. Implement this at all of your communities.

Don’t forget, while you’re out shopping for school supplies this year, stop by Staples and shout out for the needy students in your area, I did!

Charity Check-In Staples

It's easy... Check-in and Staples Donates $1

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