Google+ for Business?

by Charity on July 1, 2011

Here’s my question: How will Google+ handle businesses? Do businesses create an account and use it as a personal profile or will Google+ have business pages? Hmmmm…. I think I’ll grab my business name now, just in case (

WAIT! Thanks to Mike Whaling at 30 Lines for sharing this article explaining how Google+ plans to help businesses. BTW: Mike shared this on Google+!

Interesting to note, I did a search of my name plus Google+ and got nothing. I don’t see any dedicated URL’s yet. They have some work to do, that’s for sure!

Here are a few posts about Google+ if you want to learn more:

Brief overview of Google+

Google+ The Social Network

Group Messaging and Video Chat

Connect your Facebook Friends to your Google+ Account

Have you received an invite to Google+ yet? (Let me know if you want one by leaving your email address in the comments below).

It is interesting to see how the system pulls people into “circles.” Please find me and add me when you get there! (

  • CharityHisle

    On another note: if you use the @ sign before a friend’s name in G+, it will tag them like Facebook does. Cool!

  • CharityHisle

    Maria, Victoria is coming up to stay with the Young’s. Gwennie has to work and Joe is hanging out in Jasper with friends. I’ll send you an invite now!

  • Maria Hoath Peagler

    Yes Charity – I want one!  I’m dying to get a look at it to report on it for my students and offer a course on it when it debuts.  Thanks girl!  Will I be seeing your sweet kids over July 4th up here in the mountains?

  • Djthemann

    Hi Charity,  Nice post,  I’m trying to check out Google+ and this article was very helpful.  I’d love an invite to check it out myself.  my email is – Thanks,  DJ

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