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by Charity on October 28, 2010

Must-Follows For Apartment and Multifamily Professionals

Charity Hisle's Top 100 People to follow on Twitter

I thought I’d share my top 100 favorite people on Twitter with you! If you’re just getting started, it can be difficult to know who you should follow. Sure, Twitter has lists, but if you’re new to Twitter you won’t understand how they work.

I’ve made following my favorite “Tweeple” very easy to do: Simply log on to your Twitter account and come back to this page. Start clicking on the names below, if you think the person is interesting just click the follow button!

These are in no particular order, as I simply went through all of my tweets and  Twitter lists. Some of the people and companies listed below may be from outside our industry or work for vendors competing with ApartmentFinder, but I believe they add value to my Twitter experience and can contribute value to yours.

Now, if I highlighted WHY I follow these people I would have to make this a series of posts! (And I may do that later) Please check out their Twitter profiles to understand why I think they’re special.

  1. JonathanSaar
  2. BrentWilliams2
  3. KimCoryFitness
  4. ChrisBrogan
  5. LisaTrosien
  6. MultifamilyPro
  7. KateGood
  8. TotallyToni
  9. ArtChickhb
  10. Marketing_Mommy
  11. JaredMillr
  12. DavidKotowski
  13. JudyBellack
  14. NSteinert
  15. TaraSmiley
  16. EvaPana
  17. MBrewer
  18. RoryEllis
  19. MBJ
  20. Elysa
  21. Eric_Urbane
  22. FGuitton
  23. SaraSGraham
  24. ApartmentMaven
  25. Wfroehlich
  26. JenKaneCo
  27. AdamJapko
  28. TamelaCoval
  29. ChadRichards
  30. GCTProperties
  31. CambridgeMGI
  32. GABPProperty
  33. JLCSoutheast
  34. BellPartners
  35. AvalonBay
  36. Laramarketing
  37. JD_Paragon
  38. ChiSteve
  39. TheAptNerd
  40. RentSoda
  41. WikiWiley
  42. AptIndustryGirl
  43. LoriSniderCo
  44. TheMarketingGuy
  45. PCMGtwit
  46. AptFinderNews
  47. Trainingfactor
  48. HappyAllDays
  49. Firebelly
  50. Sladen123
  51. MFinsiders
  52. AptChat
  53. 30Lines
  54. NAAhq
  55. AptGuide
  56. ConnieReece
  57. LetsTalkPM
  58. Unmarketing
  59. SatisFactsDoug
  60. AptAssociation
  61. AptsForRent
  62. CreatingHOME
  63. RyanPMG
  64. DariaSteigman
  65. BeckyMcCray
  66. DuctTape
  67. ShannonPaul
  68. MariSmith
  69. GraceHill
  70. TMGrace
  71. EricaCampbell
  72. JRosseth
  73. 4wallsRentals
  74. AnnPadgett
  75. TheEllipseCow
  76. HAAOnline
  77. AptlySpoken
  78. HousingHospital
  79. AptDoctor
  80. KMueller62
  81. MackCollier
  82. DanZarrella
  83. ShivSingh
  84. Marc_Meyer
  85. JasonFalls
  86. BethHarte
  87. BostonMarketer
  88. Jeffbullas
  89. TarynP
  90. NotEasyToForget
  91. AtlantaPR
  92. ToddSchnick
  93. KellyeCrane
  94. TheBrandBuilder
  95. Shashib
  96. Hubspot
  97. TobyDiva
  98. JacquiChew
  99. VacancyDotCom
  100. I’m last… Follow me @CharityHisle for the latest updates on SEO, Apartment Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Engagement Strategies, OR just for conversation!

If you’re new to Twitter, you should definitely check out my post on using hashtags and other Twitter how-to’s!

Do you follow everyone on this list? Do you want to be on this list? Is there anyone else missing? If you have a few you’d like me to add, please leave their Twitter handles in the comments section below. I’ll be happy to update this post with your ideas!

  • Jonathan Saar

    Good morning Charity

    Very cool list and I am having hard time with the words to express my thanks for popping me in there. You have some very great tweeters in there who know how to use Twitter properly. This was a fun thing to wake up to and check out for my first read on a pretty Thursday morning. Hugs pal..can’t wait to see you soon.

    • Charity

      Thanks Jonathan! I’m already starting a list of people to add. I really appreciate you sharing so much on Twitter. You’ve built a lot of tweet-love (goodwill) with your generous activities. We love you Jonathan!

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  • Kim Cory

    Charity, WOW is all I have to say! Thank you so much for including me onto this list with some of the most talented, inspiring and motivating peers in the Multifamily Industry. There are many here I am currently following, but noticed many I am not. This makes me so happy to know there are many more great people out there for me to meet, network and learn more from. I have always used my twitter account as a resource to network, discuss and generate ideas to further my knowledge and success! I know this must have taken a great deal of time, so thank you for being wonderful you and for striving to make our connection even stronger!

    • Charity

      Kim, you are very welcome! The industry has a lot to learn from you. I hope that this list will help our industry friends that are new to Twitter. Although I’ve had an account for years, I imagine it can be overwhelming trying to figure out who is worth following. You are definitely one of those individuals! :)

  • Marc Meyer

    Charity, great list and a good starter pack for those just jumping in. I hope you’ve been well, we haven’t talked in awhile but I know your kickin butt

    • Charity

      Thanks for always being there to guide people in the right direction Marc. We may not talk very often, but I’m still watching you (heehee online, of course). I’ll give you a call soon and we can chat!

  • Sara Scarborough Graham

    Charity, I am beyond honored to be on your list! Like Kim, I have found Twitter to be a fabulous networking and discussion tool, and am really looking forward to checking out some of your recommendations. Thank you for taking the time to put to put together this amazing resource for us all.

  • Charity

    You’re so very welcome Sara! I enjoy your tweets and look forward to expanding our connections on Twitter. Next up… Facebook!

  • Dee

    Thanks for adding @letstalkpm to your list Charity. We enjoy following you and many of your top 100 too! Thanks for the recommendations, we added a few more!

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