6 Simple Steps to Twitter Success

by Charity on August 16, 2010

Seven is not a human name

"I've got a great name for our kid."

It’s reported that Twitter gets 300,000 new users daily. Many join without understanding the basics of what makes a Twitter account successful. You don’t have to have thousands of followers on Twitter to be successful. In fact, only 74% of Twitter users have more than 10 followers. It’s really simple: When people want to follow you, reply (@) to your tweets, AND retweet (RT) your tweets; you’re successful!

Everyone is new at Twitter at some point. In case you’ve gotten started and feel a little stuck, here are 6 simple steps to being successful on Twitter:

1. A rose may be just as beautiful and smell as sweet if it weren’t named a “rose”, but your Twitter name might stink. I think everyone would agree that the worst Twitter accounts are the spammers. One of the fastest ways you can determine a spam account is the username. Many spammers add numbers to names, thinking that will fool the average user. Jackie1975236 is far less appealing than WackyJackie or even JackieSmith. On Twitter, we like to know that we’re talking to a human, and most human’s have names (unless you’re George).

2. Use a real picture of you or something unique that represents who you are. Early on, Twitter was made up of real people wanting to share information and have real conversations. Even in 2009, Twitter’s users preferred people to use pictures or avatars of themselves. The key is to follow the culture of the site you are using.

3. The Non-Bio hazard. Share a little information about yourself if you want other users to follow you on Twitter. You can put personal or professional information in this space, make a joke or share a poem. No matter what you do, it’s better than nothing! Wait, unless your bio talks about selling something like “Follow me to learn how to get rich on Twitter!”

4. Know who to follow. Twitter has developed an application within their online interface that will give you ideas about people you should follow. These suggestions are made by comparing the user profiles of people that you’re already connected too. Use Search Twitter to find people that share similar interests. If you’ve established a friendship with someone on Twitter, you can look at their friends on Twitter and follow a few.

5. Itty bitty Bit.ly. 140 characters isn’t much to convey your thought or share an idea. Remember to shorten hyperlinks when you tweet, it’s considered polite. By using a hyperlink shortener, you will be able to share more information with fewer characters. I choose to use bit.ly because I can track clicks and views of the urls I share. Tinyurl and Ow.ly are two other useful url shortening tools.

6. Be careful what you tweet. Unlike Vegas, what happens on Twitter is shared with the world. Twitter has made it possible to delete tweets but nothing prevents users from taking screenshots and reposting. In addition, Twitter has donated ALL tweets on their service to the Library of Congress for research and preservation. Who knew your tweets would be history in the making? What do you want to be remembered for? That chicken sandwich or that new study? Remember to be personable without being too personal.

That’s it! 6 simple steps to being successful on Twitter! Do you have any to add?

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