Appealing to Renters Without Using Rent Concessions.

by Charity on November 5, 2009

Be Unique, Make Your Ads Stand Out!

Be Unique, Make Your Ads Stand Out!

How do you appeal to renters without using rent concessions?

How are you writing your apartment community craigslist ad titles? Are you using rent concessions to drive traffic to your property? What if you don’t have any promotions? What content are you posting to your Facebook and Twitter pages? Are you just posting your rental rates and promotions? Did you know that more than half of American adults are attempting to save money?

A new Harris Poll shows interesting statistics regarding ways adults are trying to save money:

  • 36% have switched to tap water and refillable bottles instead of bottled water.
  • 21% have cancelled or cut back on their cable TV service.
  • 20% have stopped buying coffee in the morning.
  • 14% have been carpooling or using mass transit.

Let’s face it, not every community can compete with ever-increasing rent promotions and concessions. Sometimes, the rent cannot get ANY lower. How do you differentiate your ads and your content from competitors when the properties are so similar? Try this: if your community offers something of value, highlight that feature in your ads, in your Facebook Page content, and occasionally in your Twitter feed. Please understand: I don’t mean use a long list of amenities. Frankly, that’s boring and exactly what everyone else is doing. Use the statistics above to create ad titles/headlines that are unique for your community.

Below are a few examples of ways you can turn your apartment community features into a call-to-action.

Your community offers-

Free water and trash services.
“Save $50 a month with our FREE water and garbage service!”

Free cable.
“Thinking of canceling cable to save money? If you lived at “XXX Apartments” Cable would be FREE!”

Excellent location.
“There’s no need to carpool to work when you live a block away!”

Free morning coffee to residents.
“Why buy expensive coffee? Get yours free every morning before you head to work, just bring your own cup!”

Free theater room.
“Date nights are expensive! Book our FREE theater room for a cozy night out, just bring your own goodies!”

Fitness center.
“Cancel your expensive gym membership and workout for FREE in our community fitness center!”

Community room (magazines, movies, games, coffee)
“Magazine subscriptions are expensive! Save money and read your favorite magazines for free in our community center!”

Don’t forget to rotate your new headlines, I’m sure there are many other ideas just waiting for you to discover.

How have you used your community features to appeal to potential renters? Please share some of your examples with us!

  • Jonathan Saar

    I don’t have any examples to share Charity, but I think your post is great. Great creative thinking. I am actually doing a small study on marketing cost per door. I am sure the stats will provide some interesting insights. Take care!

    • Charity

      I’m looking forward to the results of your research! Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing my blog Jonathan! :o )

  • Kim Cory

    Hi Charity!
    I love this post and totally agree! Think outside the box, be creative and for goodness sake stand out among the rest. Who needs concessions when you offer and are the best:)

    I am in student housing and we use these tactics in all our marketing. For example:
    Free Shuttle
    “sleep late, save $400 a yr, and eliminate the headache of campus parking! Let us shuttle you for FREE”

    • Charity

      I love your headline Kim! Thank you for contributing your comments!

  • Misty Lackie

    This is a great post Charity and very creative way to market features a community already has. Many don’t break down the savings they can get from certain community features (fitness center, cable, etc.) and your examples are a great way to bringing that to focus.

    • Charity

      Thanks for commenting Misty! I think breaking down the cost-savings for potential residents is a GREAT idea! :)

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